On The Stud

Charlock Stud is an exclusive boarding facility for top class mares (broodmare boarding) and their offspring 

We offer the very best of everything to aid you in the quest for winners, and indeed on the path to success at the sales in keeping thoroughbred mares. 

The following factors make Charlock the natural choice for selective breeders:


Charlock Stud occupies 230 acres of prime, well-drained and gently sloping pastureland which is grazed by cattle and sheep in rotation with the horses, keeping the grass in optimum condition and negating any risk of parasite infestation.

The secure and tranquil surroundings ensure a stress free environment for horses of all ages, either in the large, rolling meadows or the nursery paddocks used for new foals and their dams.

The convenient location of Charlock Stud, within easy walk-in reach of most of the major stallion studs, allows breeders to keep their mares away from highly concentrated and over-horsed boarding studs in other areas.​


Charlock Stud, where attention to detail is the watchword, provides outstanding facilities for all stages of the breeding and rearing of successful thoroughbreds:


  • Large, airy boxes situated in convenient yards

  • Foaling units incorporating state of the art CCTV cameras, situated between staff accommodation

  • Indoor School

  • Horse Walker

  • Own Transport

Health & Hygiene

  • The stud does not stand stallions or accommodate horses in transit quarantine; new arrivals are kept in isolation for an appropriate period before mixing with the resident stock

  • Resting racehorses are kept separately from the stud stock.

  • The stud adheres strictly to the HBLB Code of Practice

  • Full health checks and history of animals required before they are admitted to the stud

  • A comprehensive parasitic worming programme is normal practice on the stud

  • The farrier and equine dentist attend the stud on a regular basis

  • Feeding is monitored and supervised by a qualified equine nutritionist

  • Avonvale, Towcester Equine veterinary practices are within easy reach

  • Consultant Vet - Camilla Brocklehurst MRCVS

  • Cleanliness and hygiene on the stud are paramount at all times


Charlock Stud provides bespoke personalised services to suit the requirements of horses and their owners, including the following: 

  • Individual care for each animal

  • Mares taken for permanent or temporary livery, including foaling

  • Mares prepared for covering and walking-in to selected stallions

  • Expert sale preparation for mares, foals and yearlings

  • Rest and/or rehabilitation of horses out of training or preparing for sale

  • All boarding arrangements are based on the Thoroughbred Breeders' Association Boarding Agreement

  • Owners are welcome to visit and are regularly kept informed as to the progress of their stock

Contact Details


+44 (0)1327 855 513 / 855 660


Charlock Stud - Abthorpe - Towcester

Northamptonshire - NN12 8TW - UK


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