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Bloodstock Breeding begins with the acquisition of promising broodmares as identified by our broodmare criteria  and mating them with suitable stallions. The term “suitable” covers the compatibility of the stallion’s pedigree, performance, conformation and temperament with those of the mare. The matching of a stallion’s pedigree with that of the mare’s is often referred to as a “nick”, signifying the likelihood of duplicated ancestry producing comparable winning progeny.

The method of transmission of a horse’s athletic prowess and temperament thankfully still remains a mystery. Every mating should be regarded as an experiment and the excitement is in seeing the outcome of this experiment which, given the vagaries of nature, is always unpredictable & even the best judgements inevitably involve an element of hope and hunch. We hope however, that our selection criteria will improve the odds!

You can acquire breeding stock by buying broodmares already in foal, possibly having foals at foot or by acquiring fillies out of training and putting them in foal. The history of a mare’s ownership, knowledge of her family’s racecourse performance and the ability to make sound judgements about how her progeny will turn out will determine the choice. A sound knowledge of pedigrees and of the bloodstock market is therefore absolutely vital.

Matching your mare’s pedigree, conformation, temperament and performance with a suitable sire is the ultimate challenge, and watching your carefully planned foal grow into a successful racehorse is the ultimate reward for skilful breeding. Every time your mare’s progeny win so her value increases and the more sought after her future progeny will be at the sales.

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